In the Satsangh Pujya Vasudhaji explicated the emotion ‘fear’. Vasudhaji described fear as the greatest obstacle on the path of a spiritual seeker. She further said that fear is always about something external, about one’s attachment to position, property, people, certain ideas and name and fame. These things bind us and the fear of losing them creates fear.[…]


In the Satsangh, Pujya Vasudhaji spoke of the importance of understanding our scriptures, to see the connectedness to one another and to nature. This understanding brings about the understanding of oneness.
In this materialistic, hedonistic world, with the change in lifestyle, the development is measured in terms of making more money and skill and hence has resulted in our losing ties with our heritage, slowly and steadily. […]


VVF celebrated Dussera with ‘Bhaava Raaga Taala’ – where devotion to Mother was expressed with utmost feeling with the chanting of vedas, singing of stotrams and bhajans and dancing to the taal of dandiya raas.
Devotees came with their families and friends dressed in special outfits to celebrate the cultural evening. The Centre was very well decorated with a mini golu, beautiful rangolis and floral back drops. The illuminated trees at the entrance added to the festive aura.[…]

Our ‘Identity’ in this world and the Law of Karma

In today’s satsangh, Acharyaji spoke about our ‘identity’ in this world and the Law of Karma. Acharya says, every individual has ego which has got limitations. We need to respect others’ limitations, just as we accept our own. The differences and varieties in plants, trees, animals and mountains do not disturb us, while we are agitated when it comes to our own relatives and the society because of our expectations.

SATSANGH – ‘ Mind – Use it as a tool’

In yet another satsangh, Pujya Vasudhaji addressed the questions and doubts raised by the audience. In response to a question on how to control the mind, Vasudhaji said that taming the mind is like taming a wild horse. The mind should be our friend and should be used for worldly transactions. Resistance creates stress and so one has to become aware of mind and be watchful.[…]

Vanamaali – Tree Plantation Drive

A tree plantation drive was organised by the volunteers of Vanamaali in the by lanes of Parsik Hill on 27th August. The aim, as always, is to plant and nurture the saplings until their maturity. The students of the newly commenced one year Vedanta course also joined in to plant the bougainvillea saplings.[…]


The inauguration ceremony of the seventh batch of Basic Vedanta Course and the third batch of Advanced Course was held at the Centre on the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi. Many students committed themselves to the study of scriptures and a life of seeking and spiritual growth on this occasion. In her address, Pujya Vasudhaji said that shastras are relevant to our everyday life.[…]

Management Principles from the Bhagavad Gita

A presentation on ‘Management Principles from the Bhagavad Gita’ was conducted by Shri Murali Krishnamurthy, a student of Pujya Vasudhaaji at our Centre on 30th July. The audience was exposed to the ancient knowledge interpreted in the context of modern corporate work culture. Lord Krishna’s teachings of Karma Yoga, renunciation and devotion were explained in the light of management terms[…]

Gurupurnima Celebrations

The Guru Purnima celebrations held at Ashraya Hall, Seawoods, on 9th July 2017 was an even more special occasion this year, as it brought together all the students of the Vedanta Course conducted by Acharya Vasudhaa Chaitanya. The one year Vedanta Courses, which commenced in 2011-12 have inspired and influenced the lives of many seekers and touched many more associated with them.[…]

Satsangh in Bheemili

Vasudhaaji addressing the young students of Yoga Acharya training course at Bheemili, situated along the beautiful coastline of Vizag city, in clear and firm words said that each one of us should know the truth of our being. Starting the discourse with the word Vedanta, and its sanskrit meaning as Vedah Antah. i.e., an end of all knowing, Vasudhaaji narrated a beautiful dialogue between the son and the father, where the father questioned the son who completed his studies and returned home, whether he learned that one thing which puts an end to all the learning or knowing? […]