Our Team

Our Vision:

  • To spread the knowledge of Ancient Wisdom in our rich Indian scriptures, to accelerate the awakening of individual understanding, thereby creating a dynamic and evolved society.
  • It is in an enhanced clarity of the Absolute Truth, as spoken of in the Upanishads and Bhagwad Gita, that an individual regains one’s innate serenity and wakes up to the state of oneness with the existence. 
  • When a number of individuals begin to listen to the scriptures, learn and live the teachings and thus undergo a transformation, it will spontaneously bring clarity and order to our world.

Our Mission:

  • The Foundation focuses primarily on awakening an individual to the state of higher consciousness, thereby ending the suffering created by the dysfunction of ego.

  • To dissolve the ego and to practice Karma Yoga as explained in the Bhagwad Gita, the Foundation under Vasudhaaji’s direction aims to undertake initiatives that serve the dual purpose of not just serving others, but in the process dissolving individual conditionings as well.

Vasudhaa Chaitanya

Vasudhaa Chaitanya is a dedicated teacher of the Bhagwad Gita and the Upanishads. Guided by Shirdi Sai, she completed her studies in Advaita Vedanta from the Sandeepany Sadhanalaya at Mumbai. She then began to decode the wisdom in the Sai Satcharitra.  To her, Baba’s life was a direct and open expression of the wisdom in the Bhagwad Gita and the Upanishads. And through her lectures in lucid English, she shows how to put this knowledge to practice in daily life.

Vasudhaaji founded the Viva Vedanta Foundation, a religious, charitable, non-profit organization with the objective of spreading ancient Indian wisdom to create an evolved society. The Foundation is centred on the principles of listening, learning and living. Through the learning and contemplation of scriptures, and a holistic understanding of the Self, the Foundation’s mission is to show the way forward for wholesome living and inner peace of mind. She conducts regular lectures on the Sai Satcharitra, Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads.

The Foundation under her guidance has served as a platform where people irrespective of caste, gender of ethnicity have come together for meditation, discussions and spiritual enlightenment. Her workshops help one overcome emotional blocks, thereby enhancing the potential within. She demystifies the scriptures and explains ancient wisdom with a special emphasis on its relevance in the present times.  Her style of quoting examples and relating it to our day-to-day life, not just reflects her in depth knowledge of things spiritual, but also makes it easy for individuals apply the wisdom of the scriptures in their daily lives.

She travels regularly sharing her knowledge of the Ultimate Truth with spiritual seekers. Her simplicity and selfless serving, connect and humble all those who met her. In her association, seekers begin to gain clarity of one’s true nature and strike the chord of perfect harmony and serenity in the outside world.

Contact: email: vasuda.chaitanya@gmail.com

Krishna Sai

Krishna Sai Mattegunta, a Cost Accountant by qualification, presently works in the financial sector in Mumbai. Initially associated with VVF as a volunteer, he continued to do the basic and advanced Vedanta courses under the guidance of Vasudhaa Chaitanya ji. He presently serves as the Treasurer of VVF. He considers himself fortunate to be associated with Vasudhaaji and the Foundation and prefers to be called a Sevak. In his words.

“It has been over 8 years since I have had the good fortune of meeting Acharya and to be a part of VVF. I have never considered myself to be a true seeker of the Ultimate Truth, nor can I profess to be proficient in Vedanta Vichara.  But I experience bliss on listening to Acharya’s discourses.

Under her patient guidance, I have observed a steady change in my thinking and way of living. Though this is an ongoing process, I look forward to these fine tunings and corrections.  One thing I have learned, from Acharya’s constant reminder is that inner purification is the first step towards spirituality and the rest will all fall in place.

The Guru chooses his disciples, this is oft-repeated and I am blessed as Acharya chose me to be part of the Foundation. Acharya’s belief in my capabilities (which I did not know even existed) is humbling and I seek the blessings of all to live up to my Acharya’s faith in me.

With deep respect I bow down at the lotus feet of Acharya.”

Contact: +919819130985
email: krishnasaimattegunta@gmail.com

Jaishree Kannan

Jaishree Kannan, a postgraduate in Social Work and Counselling, has over 17 years of experience working with various child welfare projects in Mumbai and Chennai. Her life took a sharp turn when she was diagnosed with third stage ovarian cancer in 2007, which was successfully treated only to relapse within 9 months. It is then, she says, that she was fortunate to meet Vasudhaaji and started to attend her classes and meditation sessions. In sharing her life defining experiences under Vasudhaaji’s guidance she says,

“I was a student of the first batch of the Advaita Vedanta Course by Guru Vasudhaaji.  Attending Guruji’s classes was the best gift I have given myself. I can say now I am indeed lucky and it was a Divine intervention that Guruji came into my life.

These classes gave me answers and helped me clear my confused mind and let go of troubled thoughts and integrate all the different parts of myself and my emotions to feel the wholeness from within. Since then, I have been regularly attending Guruji’s discourses and satsanghs.

I have been part of the Foundation from the time of its inception, and it has truly been an enlightening journey. As a youngster I chose an education and profession to serve and help people. When I fell sick after working for over 18 years, I realised that I myself needed help and support to get back to good health. Being part of the Foundation as a volunteer and attending the spiritual classes I understood the true meaning of service. 
Now that I am back to my passion of helping and serving people, I can say, I come from a space of love, peace and happiness. Guruji is an epitome of compassion, love, peace, happiness. Her teachings taught me that Faith doesn’t require outer support, it needs inner work and introspection. I am in deep gratitude for Guruji being my Guiding Light in my journey of Life.”

Contact: +919987585778
email: jaishreekannan77@gmail.com

Beena Nair

Beena Nair, a student of Vasudhaaji has been associated with the Foundation since its inception in 2013. As a trustee of the Foundation, Beena works closely with Vasudhaaji and the team. As she shares with all a few of her experiences she says,

“Hari Om. Words fail to express the myriad learnings and emotions I have experienced since I have been associated with Guruji.

I attended a discourse on the Sundarakanda by Guruji where she mentioned about doing each action with Maan, Kraam and Vachan. These words are etched in me and I try and apply this philosophy to everything I do. I have realized since then that I am channelizing my capabilities and the results are much better than before.

Guruji’s oft repeated advice that all emotions are important when used with proper caution. With self-control these emotions can become a major guiding force. I strive to use viveka to walk this talk. To be associated with the various services is a blessing indeed. As much as, these Services are opportunities to serve the Lord’s creations, it is also an opportunity for the self to experience the beauty of serving without expectations.

The ongoing learnings from Guruji are infinite and I am deeply grateful to be guided by Guruji. 
My humble pranams to all.”

Contact: +919819193693
email: beenanair0808@gmail.com

Girija Shankar

Girija Shankar (Bhagirathi Shankar) was a banker by profession. She took a break from her profession to fulfil the responsibility of being with her children in their formative years. However, her continued interest in finance and economics has contributed to her sustained association with the investment area.

Her journey as a student of Vedanta commenced when she attended the first batch of the Advaita Vedanta course by Vasudhaaji. The course had an immense influence on her and here she shares it with us.

“VVF was launched in May 2013 and my association with the Foundation since its inception has been an enlightening journey. I have been attending regular classes and satsanghs, wherein by listening and learning the profound verses of the ancient scriptures the meaning of which is beautifully decoded by Guruji, my journey continued. 

Volunteering on many occasions for camps, discourses and events conducted have been a great learning experience for me. I slowly began to understand why Guruji says these platforms, seva activities, given to us students to volunteer and work, is for our own inner purification and spiritual growth.

My focus has since then been to motivate and share my experience with others, to make them a part of this platform given to us.

I strive to keep the teachings in mind and move forward in this spiritual journey. With immense gratitude, I seek the grace of the Divine that I always be attuned to Guruji and her teachings in my thoughts, words and actions.”

Contact: +919833721224
email: girija9961@gmail.com