The theme of the Anandotsav camp was the Pancha Mahabhutas or the five great elements and the three gunas or the three qualities of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.

The session started with the invocation prayer. Pujya Vasudhaaji explained the benefits of chanting. Vedic chanting helps one to calm the mind which is needed for spiritual growth. Guruji explained the meaning of Gurustotram and said how important it is to have a Guru to show one the spiritual path. Vasudhaaji said that our true nature is sat, chit and Ananda. The Vedanta studies empowers us to transform from within. She explained how the three gunas, Sattva, rajas and tamas of the Maya Shakti of the Ishwara and the five great elements of SPACE, AIR, FIRE, WATER AND EARTH give rise to creation. Participants were divided into five groups named after five elements.

After explaining the different aspects of gunas, Guruji explained that being Sattva predominant is very much needed during one’s life. One may pass through all the Gunas during the day but being in awareness of the different gunas is so important to lead a peaceful and serene existence. The guided meditation connecting us to all the elements provided an amazing experience to all.

As an activity all the group members were given one attribute which describes their element the best and were asked to connect it to the gunas through a skit, presentation or through a poem or song. The different attributes were Sound, Karma, Intelligence, Acceptance and Patience. All the groups were very creative and brought out their understanding through play, skit, drama, song etc. As one watched the group perform we could understand the various Gunas we carry within us. For many of the participants understanding this was the biggest take away from the camp. All other games too were according to the theme of the camp in which the participants enthusiastically took part.

The session ended with a gratitude meditation where everyone offered gratitude to whoever came and contributed in their lives.

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