Full moon is considered auspicious because of its positive effects on the energies of people. On this day, the Sun and the moon create a powerful energy field on planet earth and its effect on human beings is said to be profound. Any chanting done on this day will have a positive impact both internally and externally. The sound of recitation creates vibration in the atmosphere and purifies it. Chanting also affects various centers of power in the human body and invigorates each nerve in our body and awakens the subtle energies therein. It also helps in removing obstacles, conquering the evil spirits and provides peace of mind. Chanting also takes us beyond the boundaries of time and space. Under the guidance of the priest, Vishnu sahasranama archana and puja are performed on all Full Moon days. The benefits of chanting cannot be established through reason and intellect but can be experienced only through faith and devotion.

So please do come on every purnima, chant and experience the difference.

The next Purnima Chanting will be on Wednesday, the 27th of Jun 2018.

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