VVF celebrated Dussera with ‘Bhaava Raaga Taala’ – where devotion to Mother was expressed with utmost feeling with the chanting of vedas, singing of stotrams and bhajans and dancing to the taal of dandiya raas.
Devotees came with their families and friends dressed in special outfits to celebrate the cultural evening. The Centre was very well decorated with a mini golu, beautiful rangolis and floral back drops. The illuminated trees at the entrance added to the festive aura.

Acharayaji explained the verses of Adi Shankara’s Ganga stotram in her pravachan. She explained the purity, divinity and the flowing nature of Mother Ganga. Taking a dip in her waters washes away one’s sins and helps to attain the highest state. A small story was illustrated by Acharya to emphasise the glory of the Ganges which revealed that even Lord Yama cannot harm an ardent devotee of Ganga Maiyya. Mother Ganga is a source of happiness and those who reside on her banks are as privileged as those living in Vaikunta. Shankara says that it is better to live in her water as a turtle than to live far away as a King. The discourse concluded with the chanting of the Ganga Stotram which transported everyone present there to the banks of Ganga, the devotees took a dip in the Jnana Ganga – a truly enchanting experience. Acharya performed aarti to the chants of Mahishasuramardini stotram.
The celebrations concluded with garba and dandia raas. The music and the colourful lehengas and attire of the dancers and their rhythmic dancing added to the vibrant mood. Mahaprasad was relished by all. It was simply a fantastic enriching evening to remember.

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