Shirdi Yatra

The Shirdi Yatra started on a crisp & clear morning on 19thDec 2022. The bus echoed with melodious bhajans during the journey. Yatris had an opportunity to share with Guruji, each ones, personal experiences of Sai Baba in our life.

After freshening up at the MTDC,  we went with Guruji for Sai Darshan. We were fortunate to get a very good darshan. We prostrated on the Samadi Stone to seek HIS blessings.  It was a blissful experience.

Guruji painstakingly guided us through all the important stanhs like Dwarkamai, Chavadi, the neem tree , the museum, etc .

We saw the display of the Kafni &  items used by Sai at the exhibition hall.

Darshan of Chote Baba next to Khandoba temple in the evening was a divine experience. We offered coconuts to the Dhuni after Aarti.

VVF organised Annadaan at the temple and we participated in the distribution of prasad. After chanting Guru strotrams we took darshan of Khandobaji.. We saw many photographs & paintings depicting Sai leelas mentioned in the Sai Satcharitra.

The day concluded with a thought provoking Satsangh with Guruji .

Next morning after Sai mukh darshan…we left for Upasani Maharaj Ashram at Sakori.. Upasani Maharaj, set up this ashram for  women in the spiritual path.   We could participate in the Aarti conducted in the temple of Godavari Devi.

We visited the Gondeshwar Mahadev temple at Sinnar. This shiva temple is over 1000 yrs old. The beautiful architecture was breath taking. We are glad it is now under Architecture Survey of India and will soon been restored.

The journey from Sinnar to Mumbai provided an opportunity to relive the yatra…Thanks to Guruji for the back to back yatra.

Visiting Shirdi is always an uplifting experience, but going with Guruji lifted it to a even higher level.

Raghav Rao’s feedback


Is it inner peace?  Upasani Baba’s place looks to be symbol of inner peace.

Same type  of peace can we get in our normal life ?

Acharyaji says it is possible.Atma anubhav gives you inner peace. It is not given to you, you have to earn it.

Wonderful lesson.

Shirdi yatra is made Wonderful by Acharyaji’s care, love and guidance in showing us all the places and their significance for us. I am grateful for her blessings.. Excellent satsang with all friends made it a fun.

Ravi Vishwanathan’s feedback

Koti namaskarams to Gurumaji for the “guided” tour of Shirdi and to Laxmiji and Girijaji for the logistics. 🙏🙏🙏”Annadhanam” followed by a small bowl of “Prasadam” brought about a wonderful experience of peace at the Chote Baba mandir. 🙏🙏🙏

Yatra signifies journey   – an outer one to Shirdi Sai Darshan – an inner one to maybe guage the yogic level achieved.

This one like many before highlighted the need to accept and enjoy the uncertainties that arise. “Love above tolerence”and “Seva for the needy” have been lessons learnt.

We visited the Gondeshwar Mahadev temple at Sinnar.  This shiva temple is over 1000 yrs old. The beautiful architecture was breath taking. We are glad it is now under Architecture Survey of India and will soon been restored.

The journey from Sinnar to Mumbai provided an opportunity to relive the yatra…Thanks to Guruji for the back to back yatra.

Visiting Shirdi is always an uplifting experience,  but going with Guruji lifted it to a even higher level.

Acharya’s message after Shirdi yatra

Many times, our own light dims and we need it to be rekindled by a spark from another person. That’s the need, importance and significance of a Satsangh.

Each of us, have our reasons to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. And when our spirits are rekindled, renewed and rejuvenated, we cannot remain without acknowledging the help of others.

Thank you Baba for allowing this wonderful Satsangh to happen with you and my beloved ones. Thank you friends for joining the yatra.

Theerth Yatra with Vasudhaaji

Let us ponder a little,  over the significance of Theerth yatra  with a Guru.
Going on a pilgrimage temples and Maha Samadhi places is to feel oneness with the spiritual powers of those places.
 These shrines which are thousands of years old, even every dust particle is extremely charged with the strong spiritual vibrations which yogis and Mahayogis have left behind, by doing spiritual Sadhna for years at such places. It is vital to experience these vibrations and pull them inside us, when we visit these age-old shrines.  
Going on pilgrimage with a Guru, not only takes one spiritually ahead in a very high speed but also keeps one engage in  Sadhna even in the smallest  work while on a  a Teerth-Yatra. The biggest “Teerth”  in itself is the “Guru-Sangh” (to be with Guru) when we go on a pilgrimage. VVF organised a 11 day Theerth yatra with Guru Vasudhaaji to Nainital, Kousani Babajis cave, Someshwar, Bhageshwar, Muynsyari, Gangolihat, Almora, also 4 Mahadev Dhams. Satsangh with Vasudhaaji happened at these spiritual centres.Lets go through the joyful expression of students.
   Yatras with Acharyaji are always something I eagerly look forward to. They are always filled with listening, learning and new experiences, as was this one. 
  This auspicious journey started off with a satsang on Sastastakam, which calmed and prepared the mind for the journey ahead. Throughout, we visited many temples and Ashrams including Babaji’s cave and Patal Bhuvaneshwar, which were completely different and spiritually uplifting experiences for me. 
 Over the course of the journey, I felt extremely light and rejuvenated. This beautiful yarta also ended with a presentation of sastastakam by us, which was a wonderful conclusion to this serene experience.

Saddarshana of Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi contains verses that guide us to attain a divine vision of Truth by enquiring into the very core of our being, into the root of who we are.

Vasudhaaji conducted a 6 day online series of talks on this text from 15th to 19th of August. The lucid explanation with ample life situations, set the participants into inquiring into the truth, letting go off the misconceptions of our old belief system. There is so much joy and relief in the guidance towards our True nature.
Life changing moments can be experienced while going through the feedback of participants Let’s go through the words of participants :
Feed back of Parvati, a VVF student.

Acharyaji’s teaching of Satdarshanam was really very useful.
The text which is apparently simple to read and comprehend is so very profound in its import that one could take a life time to imbibe its essence .
Acharyaji’s discourse has made it a little easier.
Acharyaji also clubbed together certain verses not in sequential order , and that seems to have enhanced the inter connectedness of the verses and lent a luminous clarity to her explanations.
We are grateful for having had this opportunity to listen to her teachings on Saddarsanam . Many thanks and Pranams. 🙏🏼.
Mr Raghu expressed his take away of Saddarshana discourse as follows :

I Enjoyed the session throughly .Recording were equally useful for revisions.

The text carries the very essence of knowing the ultimate reality and Acharya explained each verse of this great scripture in a simple and understandable way with related examples and also validated it by referring to other scriptures .

The session by Acharya quenched my intellectual thirst and has encouraged me to keep moving with my Sadhana and Seva.

My take away was :
(i) to contemplate more on the ” I ” thought and the ” Ego”
( ii) Keep Purifying myself in all dimensions.

Finally the session has inspired me and has set a direction to progres further more intensely and get the final ” Experience of THAT Reality ” and to remain established there.

These early morning session were very refreshing and has a very transforming effects.
My thanks and Gratitude to Acharya for taking us through this beautiful spiritual voyage .
Hari Om.🙏

Jayshree Srinivas expresses her feed back of Saddarshana in the following words:

Bhagawan Ramana Maharahi’s  Saddarsana, The  vision of Truth is a text where each verse is  contemplative. Guruma Vasudhaaji had beautifully glided us along with her, through all these verses with undisputable explanation and examples. Maa has shown how each verse, with a clear and inquiring mind  will reveal the “Sat” the Existence. The text is not to debate but to go inward inquiring about our existence through contemplation and abide in its reality. Guruma’s guidance had made possible to understand the Uncomprehendable text, so well and I am greatful to Guruma, for the same. She had explained vividly, the Bhagwan’s direct and the simple path to the True SELF. The take away message is to understand the sole purpose of our lives is, to know the TRUTH of who am I, sincerely and earnestly. The entire sessions were meditative with Guruma’s interpretations. I am ever, in gratitude to her for this opportunity. Hari Om

Students were indeed very fortunate to have had the opportunity to pay respects to Guru Vasudhaaji on this auspicious Vyasa Purnima day. The centre wore a festive look with puja being performed to Shiridi Baba, students chanting the Guru shlokas and the MMT children chanting Guru Vandana shlokas.

Since ancient times, on this auspicious day, students pay homage to Veda Vyasa Maharishi and the entire Guru – Sishya parampara. In one voice, our prayer is to gain thorough understanding and absorption of the teachings of the scriptures. Our salutations to Gurus for their unconditional love, untiring efforts and selfless service.

Master’s words or Sutras tell us about the highest Truth in a nutshell. Vasudhaaji explained the quotes of Nisargadatta Maharaj on three consecutive days. The discussion gave the students clarity and a sense of fulfillment.The feedback of those who availed the opportunity is truly inspiring. In describing her experience, Mrs. Sunita said:

The lecture series on the Sutras of Nisargadatta Maharaj shook me up, woke me from my slumber to take me on a journey of intense thinking and new perspectives.
I had come prepared with a list of questions pertaining to the mind, thoughts, relationships, karma, etc. During the lecture Guruji said “All problems of the mind belong to the mind, not to me. Don’t own them!” And almost magically, all my questions pertaining to the mind just vanished.
Similarly my other queries disappeared as she said “Your relationship is only with God, not with others. Each one is in their own race to attain their fulfillment”.
The sutras have anchored my thinking process to look at everything from a broader perspective which is beyond the names, forms, labels, roles we play. These false identities create complications and agitation. As Guruji said, “Constantly remind yourself that you are the pure Self, Atman. And so is everyone else.” Life suddenly seems simpler. Thank you Guruji

Discussion on the Sutras of Swami Vivekananda
21st to 23rd July
The very well attended sessions where Vasudhaaji briefed on the motto of Ramakrishna mission : Jagat Hitaya, Atmano Mokshyaya. The powerful sutras of Swami Vivekananda are worth pondering over. Here are some examples:
1.Service to Mankind is service to God.
2.Be aggressively good.
3.Let our body, mind and intellect be sacrificed to God.
4.God is not to be reached by the weak. Be strong. Reject anything that is
making you weak- physically, mentally and spiritually.
5.Learn to be alone.
6.Highest manifestation of strength is staying calm, remaining grounded in
times of crisis.

Discussion on these answered many doubts of the participants, bringing in clarity and a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity.

Guru Puja was performed at the Foundation’s Parsik Hill Centre. Panditji performed Ganapati puja and Kalash puja, followed by abhishekam of our beloved Shirdi Sai Baba, amidst the chanting of the Rudram. Children from the MMT school of the Foundation also participated in the puja and sang bhajans on the occasion. The puja a very beautiful experience for all those present, concluded with Aarti and prasad distribution.

Sutras of Saints
12th, 13th and 14th May
25th, 26th and 27th May

Evening satsanghs with Vasudhaaji were organized at the Foundation’s Parsik Hill center. The Sutras of Swami Chinmayananda and Shri Ramana Maharishi were taken up for discussion with the students.

Every Sutra can journey us to the Ultimate Truth. The powerful messages enshrined in each sutra shines like a lighthouse, ensuring our safe journey.

The inquisitive students had many doubts cleared during the discussions. The sayings of these masters point us to the Ultimate Truth. And the Gurus who stand at the pinnacle of Truth can bring about great awareness in the students while deducing the Sutras.

Many Sutras that were taken up that immensely helped the students to thoroughly dissect every segment of one’s life, thus helping one recognise the truthful permanent blissful aspect of our existence.

In the words of two students,

“Guruji introduced us to Sutras of Bhagawan Shree Ramana Maharshi and explained to us how to contemplate upon them for 3 days.
Understanding Sutras was like getting peeled from the layers of ignorance in us and was like getting tips “how to” and ‘”what to”.

Being students of Vedanta and seekers, Guruji’s lucid explanations helped us to understand about going inward/ within, than going outward, from chasing impermanent things to a permanent thing. How “silence” could find us answers. Contemplating upon “who am I” is self enquiry, a direct path to liberation. Hari Om.”

“Satsangh with Guru Vasudhaaji on Ramanna Maharshi’s sutras was once again a beautiful reminder on how we need to live our lives. Our body, mind, even death are all mere thoughts. We must not allow ourselves to be ruled by these endless thoughts, which are impermanent and hence not ‘ the truth’. Guruji explained how we need to carry on our daily transactions of life, do one’s karma, but with complete detachment and no expectations. As Guruji said, we are mere actors in this drama called life. We only need to play the role with perfection and not live the role. As always the satsangh was a lot of food for thought and we must see that our smaranam leads to pure mannanam .

Sincere Gratitude to Guruji

Feedback by a student on sessions on Sutras of Saints

We had 3 days of Satsang on Sutras of Shri Ramana Maharishi, was explained beautifully by Acharya Vasudhaaji
Some learnings:
1. With I-thought birth happens and with cessation of I-thought death.

2. Mind is consciousness which has put on limitations

3. Pain and Pleasure are a result of past Karmas

4. One should act as if not thinking as an Actor

5. Our Birth is for a purpose and it gets fulfilled whether or not one considers himself as an actor

6. Act must. Unselfish acts purify the mind which in turn helps to meditate

7 I’m the body, I’m the mind, I’m the Doer is nothing but a thought.
Worry, fear, Death is also a thought only, so don’t believe your thoughts

Blood Donation Camp 8th May
As a mark of the Foundation Day celebrations, VVF organized a Blood Donation Camp at the Parsik Hill Center. The camp received a wonderful response with many coming forward to donate blood. There were many successful donations, with many more donors turning up but unable to donate due to the time frame of the covid vaccination and low haemoglobin levels. During vacations there is always a scarcity of blood at the hospitals. With an aim to address this shortage, the Foundation organizes its blood collection drive during the summer vacations, thus assuring a timely response to this paucity. The highlight of the camp was the talk on platelet donation by two donors who routinely donate platelets. Mr Shriram Joshi (177 platelet donations) and Mr Rajiv Aykar (96 platelet donations) explained in detail about the extreme scarcity of platelets in the face of the huge need in its use as an effective treatment of cancer patients. They patiently answered all queries and cleared the doubts of the audience. Listening to their contributions as platelet donors was indeed a great inspiration for all. Many expressed a new enthusiasm towards being regular platelet donors themselves. Such initiatives of the Foundation, addressing various pressing needs of the society, are truly inspiring
Foundation Day Celebrations 3rd May The 9th Viva Vedanta Foundation Day was celebrated after a 2 years hiatus on 3rd May 2022, at the Parsik Hill Center. An eagerly awaited get together, it was well attended by many students and their families. Guru Vasudhaa Chaitanyaji addressed all with the manthra ‘The minute you get a good thought hold onto it and immediately act upon it’. She highlighted that it is the availability of volunteers for a cooperative endeavor that has enabled initiating and sustaining the various services of the Foundation. Smt Girija recounted the experience of the switchover from offline classroom study to online zoom classes, chanting sessions etc. Thereafter the Seva Heads of various initiatives under the Foundation came forward to share the different activities. The continuation of these services even during the peak Covid period was much appreciated by all those present. Some students also came forward and shared their experiences of their association with Guruji and the Foundation. It was an evening well spent in listening to Guruji’s words of wisdom, catching up not just with the inspiring work undertaken at the Foundation but also with one another. The closing note by Shri Krishna Sai motivated everyone to continue walking the path and serving our revered Guru. After a sumptuous saatvik dinner everyone departed with Guruji’s blessings.

A Meditation session on Omkaar was conducted by Vasudhaaji at VVF centre. The much sought after session began with the explanation that AUM which represents the utimate Truth and chanting Omkaar cleanses the deep layers of the gross, subtle and causal bodies in order to bring an integration among all the seven chakras.
The different techniques of AUM meditation were taught, emphasizing the fact that when these practices are done sincerely, one is bound to gain the ultimate wisdom.The participants were absorbed into the chanting of AUM and were led into the meditation on the same.They were awestruck with the indepth meaning and the immense benefits of practicing Omkara meditation.

In the words of a participant,
“Hari Om Acharyaji. It was a great experience to learn the Omkaar Meditation from you and also practice it in your presence. The stepwise dealing of the process is very easy to remember. Also the likely mistakes that we are bound to make, that we discussed, helps in rectifying during our practice. This meditation makes us more thoughtless and connects to the Divine. Even after the meditation there is a feeling of peacefulness during the day. Pranaams to you for initiating this meditation for us.”

Prayer has the power to connect one to the source by nurturing the emotion of hope, inducing a sense of strength and building patience in oneself. The power of collective prayer cannot be underestimated, and the magnitude of its effect is immense.
We students had the wonderful opportunity to join the collective prayer of chanting Hanuman Chalisa 21 times, at VVF Centre,  Belapur on 10th February,22.

Vasudhaaji explained how the one prayer with many voices is like an ocean wave that builds energy from the wind. The group energies raise us to great heights. Such unified prayers bring in good health and peace free from fear, ill- health and grief.
Each of of us experienced bountiful blessings of Shri Hanumana as we sang His glories.
Many students participated in this collective prayer through online session too.

We are sharing the heartfelt expressions of a few students.

🔸Hari Om
Thank you for this beautiful opportunity of chanting the Hanuman Chalisa. It was truly inspiring and rejuvenating.
The Online session enabled all of us who couldn’t be present at the Centre to participate fully and seek Hanumanji’s and Acharyaji’s blessings.

🔸Hari Om.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.
It was really, the need of the hour.
It was good to be part of chanting after a long time.

🔸Hari om.
Thank you Acharyaji and the team for this great opportunity to chant Hanuman Chalisa 21 times. Felt a lot of positive vibes and surrender to the Lord. Humble pranams.

18th and 19th January, 2022

On the first day, people were served with food packets consisting of soya- veg biryani, raita, ladoo and water bottles. On the request of the Pujari, food packets were also sent up to the devotees at Anuvavi temple.
On the second day, food packets were packed at Sai Nivas under the loving and indulgent eyes of Baba and were distributed to the devotees who were carrying the Kavadis enroute from Anuvavi Temple.
With immense blessings of Baba, under the able guidance of Vasudhaaji, the Annadaan seva went off smoothly. We thank all our well wishers for their contribution towards Thaipoosam Annadanam.

On the 14th of November, a talk was organized on ‘Skin Donation and Skin Banking’. The guest speaker, Mr. Vikas Andhale, is a postgraduate in Biotechnology from the University of Glasgow and has a vast experience as the Research and Skin Officer at the National Burns Center at Airoli, where he has been for the past 7 years. He has successfully led many Operation Restore Camps and has delivered lectures on ‘Burns Prevention and Fire Safety’ at schools, and on ‘Skin Banking and Donation’ for Nursing and Science students. The presentation was very informative and comprehensive, detailing the process of Skin Donation starting from conducting awareness drives, to the meticulous procedure followed in retrieval, processing and storing of allografts. He spoke at length about the benefits of using allografts for the successful healing of burn wounds. The short video he presented at the end of the session was very effective in reiterating all the points that he had enumerated during his presentation. The Q&A session further clarified the doubts of the participants. And in their feedback, the participants expressed their gratitude for gaining information about this ‘not so known’ organ- skin, for donation. Some of them even volunteered to spread the message around to others. Overall, it was a very informative and well appreciated session.
Our beloved Sai, accepted any form of worship. He was ok with no worship too. He wanted his devotees to have Faith in Him. He was pleased with love, a pure heart and simplicity. In the video an abhisheka, alankara with Lalita Sahasranama archana was done at Sai Nivas, Coimbatore.
On 1st November 2021, Maai Swasti seva team conducted a meeting with Rahul Nagar residents to create awareness about covid vaccine and various preventive measures. Mrs Girija briefed the audience about the foundation and Guruji ‘s constant guidance to the Maai Swasti Seva team. Dr Sangita informed them about various activities conducted by Maai Swasti seva team. Dr Preeti Deshpande explained in detail about covid disease, various preventive measures and covid vaccine. She stressed more on the method of wearing mask and hand hygiene. We realised there are many myths and misconceptions associated with the covid vaccine. People are apprehensive to take the vaccine. There were many queries all of which were patiently answered by Dr Preeti. The program went on for more than an hour In the end Dr Sangita announced that a talk will be arranged by the team on various health related issues. Cataract surgeries will be conducted soon, for patients with cataract. Few residents shared their experiences during covid and expressed their gratitude towards the foundation for supporting their community. The meeting concluded with the closing prayer. Snacks and refreshments were then served to all of those who attended the meeting.

Advocate Falguni Thakkar is a practicing lawyer in the district and High courts of Mumbai. She specialises in legal areas like Civil, Testamentary, Matrimonial, Property matters etc..
In this session, she talks about the basics and the importance of a Legal Will. She takes us through the various aspects of why and how to make our personal Will. A Will enables us to bequeath our wealth and property to the people or cause we want to support.

Her advice- Make it a top priority, make it through a lawyer and hence make it easier for the family.

Dr. Shubha Dhukle and Dr. Purushottam Dhukle are eminent and experienced Gynecologists with special interests in Female and Male fertility, and Geriatrics.
Awareness about Menopause and Andropause helps one understand this important stage in one’s life. Dr Shubha and Dr Purushottam gave simple and practical tips on intake of supplements, healthy diet and lifestyle changes, to help us accept this stage of our lives and move to physically and emotionally healthy years ahead.

• Yuvaveer aims at self-growth and empowerment of youth.

• Under this wing, various activities are conducted to enable the youth to have a deep understanding of their existence.

• The activity ‘My beloved Ganesha’ is aimed at giving an insight into the symbolism of idol worship in Hinduism.

• In connecting with the idol of their favourite God and expressing all their emotions through pooja and offerings, these young minds understand the significance of the festival.

• And that is just one early step before one move to the ultimate realization that the Supreme is forever without name, form, time, space and any other attributes.

Wellness series – 

Dr. Nirmala Shetty

Dr. Nirmala Shetty is an icon in the beauty and health world. She has won accolades and awards for her contribution in this area. Her philosophy is “Food is cosmetic”. She believes that all that we apply on our skin enters our system. Hence, she uses only natural ingredients available in the kitchen, for all her clients in her spas, and in all the cosmetics that her Company Nirmal Herbal makes

In this talk, she has given tips for skin care, pigmentation, acne, prevention of hair loss, remedies for dandruff problems, and recipe for natural shampoo.

Maai Aasra Maai Aasra, a safe haven and home for deserted and abandoned animals was inaugurated in July 2021. Headed by Vasudhaaji these animals at Maai Aasra are provided with Food, Care and abundant love. 

Health with Yoga perspective – Mr. Mohammed Shabbir Shaikh

Mr. Mohd Shabbir Shaikh is a yoga professor at K.J Somaiya College, Mumbai. He is Post graduate with distinction in Yoga Shastra. He has 15 years of experience in Hatta yoga.

Here in his talks, he helps us understand our body. He also shares excerpts of the Bhagavad Gita connected to Yoga. 

He says, “Not suppressions or expressions but awareness of self is the remedy”.  Yoga is By – For- and To the self.