Geeta Ganga Chapter-7 with Krishnashtami Celebrations

Krishna Janmashtami was celerated by imbibing the words of wisdom from the 7th chapter of the Gita in the Geeta Ganga series of discourse by Vasudhaaji. Quite symbolically, the discourse began with the unfolding of the ‘tat’ or ‘that’ aspect of the mahavakya ‘TatTwam Asi’ wherein Bhagwan explains who He is.[…]


Yatra is not the physical travel to any pilgrim centre. It is the journey within of a seeker. And as Vasudhaaji says, when you travel within, you travel the whole wide world and beyond. The Akkalkot-Pandharpur-Tuljapur yatra organised by VVF on 11th and 12th August was one such. […]

Paths to Realisation

The students of the Basic Vedanta course formed three groups namely Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati representing Karma, Bhakti and Jnana respectively for a debate on the paths to Self-Realisation.

Each team contended to the best of its ability to put across the superiority of the path they represent, over the other paths. […]

Geeta Ganga Chapter-1

The first session of the series this month by Pujya Vasudhaaji was held at the centre on 4th March 2018. Vasudhaaji interpreted the beauty of a metaphor from the Dhyana Shloka.

“Sarvopanishadogavo dogdha GopalaNandana; Partho vatsah sudhir bhokta dugdham gitamrtam mahat” […]

The Essence of Upanishads -1

The first session of the monthly discourses on The Essence of Upanishads by Pujya Vasudhaji was held at the Centre on 2nd March.Vasudhaaji explained the meaning of the word Upanishad as approaching the Truth. Any dialogue about the ultimate Truth between the Guru and the disciple is considered an Upanishad. An Upanishad need not be ancient or in Sanskrit.[…]

Get Together

A Get together was organized at the Foundation on 24th February. The evening began with Vasudhaaji’s short and inspiring talk coming from her experience about how Bhagavan will take care of our needs if we are walking the path of seeking. Some students shared how Guruji’s classes brought about change in their outlook towards the world and relationships. […]

Maha Shivratri

As part of Mahashivratri celebrations at the Centre, Abhishekam to the Shivalingam was done by the priest with eleven different offerings, to the chanting of Rudram and Shiva stotrams. The devotees were ecstatic as they soaked in the divine and pleasant ambience of the place as the beautiful aroma of flowers, chandan […]

Kala Sadan Cultural Program

Music and Dance is the form of worship. A singer or dancer can only reach this stage through rigourous training or ‘Sadhana’. Students offer their salutations to the “Acharya” and learn the Art with discipline and dedication, and cross the different milestones. Glimpses of these milestones were seen in the performance by the students on the Annual Day of Kalasadan on the 17th Feb 2018. […]


The theme of the Anandotsav camp was the Pancha Mahabhutas or the five great elements and the three gunas or the three qualities of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.

The session started with the invocation prayer. Pujya Vasudhaaji explained the benefits of chanting. Vedic chanting helps one to calm the mind which is needed for spiritual growth. […]


In the Satsangh Pujya Vasudhaji explicated the emotion ‘fear’. Vasudhaji described fear as the greatest obstacle on the path of a spiritual seeker. She further said that fear is always about something external, about one’s attachment to position, property, people, certain ideas and name and fame. These things bind us and the fear of losing them creates fear.[…]