In the Satsangh, Pujya Vasudhaji spoke of the importance of understanding our scriptures, to see the connectedness to one another and to nature. This understanding brings about the understanding of oneness.
In this materialistic, hedonistic world, with the change in lifestyle, the development is measured in terms of making more money and skill and hence has resulted in our losing ties with our heritage, slowly and steadily. Our scriptures teach us to think rightly and to recognise the permanent Truth that has been held high in this Bharat desha and make us rooted to this culture.
Listening and learning the scriptures wakes us to the unconditional love that is dormant in us, and pulls us out of the bondage to our egocentric self. This requires sacrifice which Vasudhaji described is like the fragrance of the flower that is crushed. Sacrifice is painful initially but there is sweetness in it. Our shastras and our masters teach us to always sacrifice the lower egocentric self for the higher. They thus empower us to perform our duties without attachment, giving up the sense of doership and live a peaceful life.

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