Dussera celebrations

Pranams to Acharyaji for expressing love for Maa Durga, with her talk, and later celebrations in a unique way, and my friends, lovely feeling to be with you all. Me being the senior most in the troupe, had the first baby steps in dancing and simply loved it.
Gopa Ray
Had a wonderful time today and thanks everyone for making this a memorable experience.
Archana Deepak
Most memorable time, thanks to Acharya and all dear lovely sisters.
Sumati Sridhar
It was a wonderful evening ...enjoyed each moment of it.
Thanks To our Acharya. Had a wonderful time and enjoyed a lot.
Really a great team work...Loving thanks to our dear Acharyaji for giving us the splendid evening.
Bhuvaneswari Rajsekhar
Had a great time with all of you.
A memorable evening ...Thanks to all... Made so many new friends
Preety Deshpande
Enjoyed a lot.... Thanks to Acharya Ji
It was a wonderful evening full of energetic dancing and celebrations. Enjoyed a lot.
Revi Chandhok
Had a great time with all of you.
Trupti Darji

Satsangh in Vizag

It was an important day in my life to attend the lecture of Vasudhaaji. In a simple way, I understood my mission to achieve higher goals while practicing Yoga. Thank you for having invited her and giving us this wonderful opportunity. G.Sanathana Krishna The discourse of Vasudhaaji at Yoga Chaitanya Trust was excellent and the teachings are to be followed in life for peace and tranquillity. This type of discourses has to be conducted in future for the benefit of all Yoga students here. - S.Suryanarayana

Manisha Panchakam Discourse

A special day out! The discourse on Manisha Panchakam also marked the culmination of our year-long Basic Vedanta course. Acharyaji explained the text lucidly with anecdotes, examples and cleared many probing queries from the participants. There are many things to learn from the revered sages like the humility of the Great Shankara as he composes this very profound text when he sees even a Chandala who is a Brahmagyani as his Guru. Sharat Sahu - A student

Manisha Panchakam Discourse

Hari OM, Greetings, The discourse I attended is one of the best investments done so far on any given Sunday. Thank you Acharyaji and her team for their noble work. a couple of take away - 1. Pure consciousness, the Brahman, is best understood with an example of electricity and electrical equipment. Similarly, our body is an instrument and the same uniform consciousness is present which is absolute existence, knowledge and bliss 2. How devotion and unconditional surrender to Almighty, will help us towards the ultimate aim of the human being and come out of the cycle of birth and death. Really looking forward to the future events like this. Thank you Viva Vedanta Foundation Pranav Dandekar

Manisha Panchakam Discourse

I enjoyed the session conducted by Acharyaji on Manisha Panchakam. As a takeaway gift, I learned that -My true nature is happiness and if I am missing that, it's because of my conditioned mind. In spirituality, I transform from somebody to nobody. Then from nobody to everybody. When the seeker becomes the knower, then there is no "I know Atman" because then "I am Atman". We have to detach from ego self and attach to the higher self. I thank Acharyaji for this wonderful knowledge received by attending this camp. Renuka Shashidharan

Public Talks

"Satsangh can be with yourself alone"- This was like a revelation to us when Acharyaji spoke these words in her discourse. The word Satsangh took a completely different meaning to us when Acharya in her impeccable style explained to us. One can be in Satsangh in communication and in silence. This helps to connect to the Atman within us which is in all beings. If we are able to abide in this truth, you lead a happy and fulfilled life. These words of wisdom elevated us to a new state of contemplation and understanding. Thank you Acharyaji for always keeping us aware and awake so that we are well-equipped to deal with the world and to be anchored in this understanding. GIRIJA SHANKAR

Public Talks

Vasudhaaji’s satsangh at Sanpada was like walking with a road map to reach the destination. Listening to her words of wisdom the seeker journeys to that destination reaching which the journey ends. Truly these sadgurus are compassionate pointers of the true principle present eternally in every one of us. She explained the impermanency of this ephemeral world and to discriminately embrace one’s true Self. The True Self Atman is Nitya, nirguna, nirakara, ever free, completely fulfilled and blissful. Whether we are in the company of the world or in solitude being constantly aware of this TRUTH is true SATSANGH. We shall be ever grateful to these Gurus and their teachings. Hariom


Kolhapur Yatra

Hari Om It was an amazing experience. Peaceful journey, nice group of people. Thank you

Sneha Rane

Kolhapur Yatra

Hariom Kolhapur Yatra was very nice. Got a lot to learn by being in the presence of a sadguru. It was a beautiful and pleasurable experience. Thankyou.


Kolhapur yatra

Hariom It was perfect to be at the Sannidhi of Goddess Mahalakshmi with Acharya with us and be part of the Aarti. Thank you all for making it happen. Following it with the Kakad aarti at the Shiva temple was energising, the little boys of the attached Ved pathashala sang the Aarti in perfect unison. It was a treat to hear and participate. The Rudram chanting at the Shiva temple was sublime. The faith and belief of the huge crowd at the Jotiba temple was palpable. You just got caught in the fervor of it and became one with the devotees. Thank you, Acharya, for leading us through this journey. Thanks to all volunteers for your dedication of seva.

Kolhapur Yatra

Hari om Got to travel with Acharya for first time. We had beautiful darshan at Mahalakshmi temple, Narsimhavadi and at Jyotiba temple... the stay at the ashram was enriching and energizing. Got to learn the meaning of Mahalakshmi ashtakam and importance and procedure of doing the Agnihotram from our Acharya. In total it was an excellent experience.

Anusha Suresh


Yes, the experience was completely of another level and I was really waiting to be able to attend this workshop again as I had attended earlier and was a beautiful experience . Any thanks to Acharyaji is always less. Thanks for the great food and care by the volunteers.

Smita Bansal


It was a different and interesting experience for me. I also would like to appreciate the warmth and hospitality extended to us by Acharyaji and the volunteers.

Kalpana Sathe


The two days of chakra meditation transported us to another realm totally. It was a unique learning about our own energy points. We all have energies that can be good or can be corrected. It was simply a great experience. Thank you Acharyaji. Thanks to all the volunteers who took such good care of us.



I loved the way Acharya Vasudhaji explained about the Chakras. She made it very easy to understand. I had a wonderful learning experience at this unique workshop. My great respects and thanks to Acharyaji. Also I want to thank the team of volunteers who lovingly took care of us.

Sandhya Wadhi

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