The Foundation undertakes spiritual, educational and service activities under the inspiration and guidance of Acharya Vasudhaji. Path of selfless action is the way to supreme state. Meditation and selfless service should go together. Enjoying the selfless service for the welfare of the society will dissolve ego, purify the mind and in turn help the sadhaka to enquire into the nature of truth.

Krishna says to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita that your only duty is to work (right to work) and not to hanker after the fruits (chapter 2:47). Let the work not bind you. This way service activity becomes a means to spiritual advancement.

When the root cause of certain social issues is attended to, the future of the society is taken care of. With this motto VVF volunteers join hands and work for the welfare of an evolved society.

The service activities of the organization include Annadaanam (food for the needy), blood donation drives, adoption of saplings and commitment for the growth of plants to nurture and preserve the environment. Value based camps for the youth for inculcating moral, ethical and cultural values through games and activities are also conducted. The Foundation also encourages and promotes cultural activities by staging mythological stories in various dance forms and devotional music concerts by well-known artists, to cherish and celebrate our rich cultural heritage.