The first session of the monthly discourses on The Essence of Upanishads by Pujya Vasudhaji was held at the Centre on 2nd March.Vasudhaaji explained the meaning of the word Upanishad as approaching the Truth. Any dialogue about the ultimate Truth between the Guru and the disciple is considered an Upanishad. An Upanishad need not be ancient or in Sanskrit. Taking a few questions from the text “I AM THAT”, a compilation of questions and answers between the master Nisargadatta Maharaj and his followers, Vasudhaji explained that a seeker of the Truth should not go after life experiences, as experiences are limited and time-bound. The seeker should discriminate between the real and unreal, and come to see the one who sees through the senses. In reply to a question regarding the need for studying the scriptures and realizing the Truth, Vasudhaaji made it clear that upon realization of the Truth, the shift is in the attitude, instead of doing something to get happiness, actions are performed out of happiness.

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