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The Viva Vedanta Foundation is a religious, charitable, non-profit organization formed with the purpose of spreading ancient Indian wisdom to create an evolved society. The Foundation is centred on the principles of listening, learning and living, so as to spread the knowledge of our rich and ancient scriptures. Through the learning and contemplation of scriptures and all-round self-development of every individual, the mission is to show the way forward[...]

Our Events & Programs

Our events & Programs

The Foundation organizes camps and Yatras with Vasudhaji to different places at regular intervals. Special occasions like Shivratri, Guru Purnima and Dusshera are celebrated with great enthusiasm at the Centre. The concepts of Vedanta are imbibed by living its principles through selfless service activities like Annadaanam, tree plantation drives and value-based workshops for youth. Under the guidance of Acharya, meditation sessions and workshops on Agnihotram are also conducted.



Pranams to Acharyaji for expressing love for Maa Durga, with her talk, and later celebrations in a unique way, and my friends, lovely feeling to be with you all. Me being the senior most in the troupe had the first baby steps in dancing and simply loved it. --- Gopa Ray

Had a wonderful time today and thanks everyone for making this a memorable experience. --- Archana Deepak


In the Satsangh Pujya Vasudhaji explicated the emotion ‘fear’. Vasudhaji described fear as the greatest obstacle on the path of a spiritual seeker. She further said that fear is always about something external, about one’s attachment to position, property, people, certain ideas and name and fame. These things bind us and the fear of losing them creates fear.[…]


In the Satsangh, Pujya Vasudhaji spoke of the importance of understanding our scriptures, to see the connectedness to one another and to nature. This understanding brings about the understanding of oneness.
In this materialistic, hedonistic world, with the change in lifestyle, the development is measured in terms of making more money and skill and hence has resulted in our losing ties with our heritage, slowly and steadily. […]


VVF celebrated Dussera with ‘Bhaava Raaga Taala’ – where devotion to Mother was expressed with utmost feeling with the chanting of vedas, singing of stotrams and bhajans and dancing to the taal of dandiya raas.
Devotees came with their families and friends dressed in special outfits to celebrate the cultural evening. The Centre was very well decorated with a mini golu, beautiful rangolis and floral back drops. The illuminated trees at the entrance added to the festive aura.[…]




A beautiful explanation about Lord Shiva’s vehicle Nandi and meditation.

Generally, we see Nandi sitting directly opposite the main door of the temple where Shiva’s idol or Shivalingam is located.

He is not waiting for him to come out and say something. He is in waiting. Nandi is a symbolism of eternal waiting, because waiting is considered the greatest virtue in Indian culture.

One who knows how to simply sit and wait is naturally meditative. He is not expecting anything. He will wait forever. Nandi is Shiva’s closest accomplice because he is the essence of receptivity. Before you go into a temple, you must have the quality of Nandi – to simply sit. […]