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We are happy to announce Shree Vasudha Swamini’s online talks on Upadesa Sarah. This book by Bhagvan Ramana Maharishi is the essence of all spiritual teaching and one of the most popular Vedantic texts, which explains the paths of Karmayoga, Dhyanayoga, Bhaktiyoga and Jnanayoga, and how they lead to the final goal of Self Knowledge.
The flyer attached, has all the details of the program. Interested persons may kindly register at the earliest.

For registrations please contact: 9321374344 or 9867279866

The discourse on the thirteenth chapter Kshetra Kshetrajna Vibhaga by Swamini Shree Vasudhaji at the VVF Centre was attended both online and offline by many students. Swaminiji explained the verses in detail about Kshetra and Kshetrajna. Kshetra is the field of experience and Kshetrajna is the knower of the field. The chapter establishes that Kshetrajna, the Self in all, is none other than Bhagwan. One who recognises this, ie, the one who sees Bhagwan as the same knower in all beings is a realized person. The chapter also tells us about the real virtues termed as Jnanam which are but spiritual practices to be followed by a seeker. For a person practising these virtues, Self Knowledge becomes easy to gain, because his mind is already purified by these sadhanas. Everyone felt blessed to listen to these profound teachings, which Swaminiji described as nothing short of Upanishad.

Start the year right’ the event at VVF centre, on the evening of 31st Dec, 2023 is an exercise done by the participants to shun the negative qualities under the guidance of Sadhvi Shree Vasudhaji.

This gathering began with a reverent Ganesh Vandana and chanting of Ganapathi Atharvaseersham, setting a spiritual tone for the evening. Vasudhaji encouraged the participants to identify, list and pen down their negative traits, such as anger, greed, and jealousy, which hinder spiritual growth. As explained by her, the purpose of the exercise is to create space for positive qualities to enter.

An Agni kund was setup where Maa Durga was invoked in the form of Agni. Each participant offered his/her list of negative qualities into the Agni kund. Blessings were bestowed upon the participants by Vasudhaji to fulfill their spiritual aspirations. Vasudhaji and some of the participants sang beautiful and melodious bhajans that made the atmosphere serene and pious.


Guru Puja ceremony, graced by the spiritual presence of Shree Vasudhaa Swaminiji on March 17, 2024 and led by Panditji  through traditional rituals and soul-soothing chants by the devotees, created an aura of bliss. 

The Guru Tatvam

According to Advaita Vedanta, the Guru Tatvam is without any discernible form. It delves into the essence of the guru principle itself.

This Guru Tatvam represents the transcendental aspect of consciousness or the ultimate reality (Nirgun Brahman). It is the unmanifested source of all knowledge, wisdom, and guidance which exists within every being. It is the substratum of existence from which all manifestations arise. One needs to connect with this formless guru within themselves. By quieting the mind and turning inward, one can access this inner guidance.

As this is abstract for many seekers, we require an idol representation (Sagun Brahman) which can help us connect easily. Lord Dattatreya Bhagwan, represents the Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer and also is an embodiment of all Gurus. Hence, we perform Guru Pooja for Lord Dattatreya, on the 3rd Sunday of every month, at our VVF centre. May He bless us in attaining the true nature of ourselves soon.


A joyful evening was organised by MMT on the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti on 14th April. 

The event started with the introduction by Nisha followed by the different performances.
The children got an opportunity to showcase their speaking, singing, drawing and dancing skills. Rahul Nagar residents and the VVF volunteers enjoyed, cheered and encouraged the children. The drawings of the children were  displayed in the MMT premises.

They were liked and appreciated by all.
Residents of Rahul Nagar were much overwhelmed by the talent displayed by thier children.

Children had a look of joy and ecstasy on thier faces, at the end of the program.😊

Pranams to Guruji for guiding us in planning the whole event and giving us this opportunity.

VVF organised use of menstrual cup session in a private firm ‘ Fermion Infotech” for 30+ women employees. Dr.Sangita and Mageshwari(sustainable enthusiast) were the speakers. Dr.Sangita explained the anatomy of the menstrual cycle and how the sustainable menstrual device like menstrual can be used without any harm to our bodies. Mageshwari threw light on the impact created on the environment and our own health using current menstrual products. 

This platform empowered every girl who attended to take  responsibility of taking caring of our environment by their informed action. The attendees were motivated to be harbingers of this kind of sustainable change needed in society and expressed their firm commitment in implementing the learnings from this session. They further assured that they would spread the word, convincing more women to use menstrual cups.

The management at Fermion Infotech expressed their gratitude to VVF and their dedicated efforts to create awareness about sustainable environmental practices.

A strong and healthy physical body makes way for a healthy mind.  A healthy mind is able to apply itself in fruitful ways and helps to create a healthy and peaceful society. Playing Sports/ games lead to a healthy body and provide recreation and entertainment to all. VVF’s initiative is to foster camaraderie and integration within the community and the neighborhood we live in. Sports and physical activities serve this purpose along with strengthening the bonds of mutual respect and accountability. Under Guruji’s instance,  a cricket match was played in  Rahul Nagar. The children and men folk from Rahul Nagar participated with enthusiasm. The two teams led by Shambhu and Krishna Sai were cheered by  the  residents of Rahul Nagar who gathered to watch the match. In the end, the scores and victory and defeat didn’t matter at all as it was enjoyed by one and all.

The health camp  conducted on 7th april’24 by Maai Swasti seva team was a follow up check up for the children of Shiravne under the Bal Swasthya Kalyan initiative.

According to doctors,there is a major change in the children due to vitamin and mineral supplements given in both the camps. The pallor is reduced and white patches on the skin is also reduced. Annadaan on a daily basis under our Bal Swasthya Kalyan initiative has played a important role in this positive change.Children are more confident. They came voluntarily for the check up. They were ready for blood tests also.

Doctors advised blood tests for anemic children and offered counseling to parents for any ongoing concerns. Protein powder was distributed to all children.

VVF strives to continue this ongoing initiative under Bal Swasthya Kalyan with the support of all our well wishers.

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