About Us

The Viva Vedanta Foundation is a religious, charitable, non-profit organization formed with the purpose of spreading ancient Indian wisdom to create an evolved society. The Foundation is centred on the principles of listening, learning and living, so as to spread the knowledge of our rich and ancient scriptures. Through the learning and contemplation of scriptures and all-round self-development of every individual, the mission is to show the way forward[...]

Our Events & Programs

Our events & Programs

The Foundation organizes camps and Yatras with Vasudhaji to different places at regular intervals. Special occasions like Shivratri, Guru Purnima and Dusshera are celebrated with great enthusiasm at the Centre. The concepts of Vedanta are imbibed by living its principles through selfless service activities like Annadaanam, tree plantation drives and value-based workshops for youth. Under the guidance of Acharya, meditation sessions and workshops on Agnihotram are also conducted.



Basic course: Vidya Anand :
The classes are amazing and very insightful. Starting the day with these classes is also a wonderful experience. Acharyaji's voice is so soothing and pleasant. Her knowledge overflows into her words and guides us efficiently. I feel I am learning a lot. Also many doubts of mine are getting cleared. The choice of topics is also relevant to what we need now. The audio and video are also very clear.
Advanced course: Guruji pranams .. Hariom .Panchdasi very nice and how many ever times we listen , we are taken closer to the Truth. Thank you Guruji for decoding the scriptures for us . Sumati Sridhar. [...]


VVF celebrated Mahashivaratri in a grand way. Bilvarchana was offered and Abhishekam was performed to Lord Shiva with utmost devotion and reverence by all those gathered, amidst the chants of Om Namah Shivay and SriRudram. Pujya Vasudhaaji said in her discourse, ‘Mahashivaratri is the auspicious night celebrating the union of Shiva and Parvati. […]

Guru Mahima Camp – Ganeshpuri

Swami Nityanand Baba’s Ashram at Ganeshpuri was the ideal venue for the explanation of the beautiful verses from the Guru Gita by Pu.Vasudhaji. It was like nectar to the participants. Guru’s glories are unending and inexhaustible and words fall short. It is like an overjoyed dumbstruck person jumping in joy.[…]

Skin Donation Awareness

VVF in collaboration with the National Burns Centre, Navi Mumbai, organized a presentation on Skin Donation Awareness, as part of its social activities. Skin, the largest organ in our body can be grafted on the patients affected by burns due to heat, cold or acid injuries.[…]



Intellectual Miserliness

The shastras/ scriptures talk of moksha/ atma gyaan/ Brahman as a state of awareness/ consciousness inherent in us, realizing which, delivers us free from sorrow, suffering, all limitations and sense of bondage. This state, which is, our true nature of being, is eternal, limitless, of the nature of knowing and bliss.

This being so it also points to the fact that humans show a great sense of intellectual miserliness when it comes upon enquiring into it. Knowing that there is such a state of ultimate fulfillment we still do not seek it. This indeed is a wondrous mystery of Creation.[…]