Chantings & Discourses

A narrow vision is divisive, a noble vision is unifying but a divine vision is all-inclusive,
infinite and liberating.

Date: August 15 (Monday)
to August 20 (Saturday)
Time: 6am -7.15am
Register on:
9321374344 or 9833721224

Vasudhaaji briefed on the motto of Ramakrishna mission: Jagad Hitaya and Atmano Mokshaya. Her powerful explanations of the sutras of Vivekananda like be aggressively good and reject anything that makes one weak, were truly inspirational to strengthen us to walk the spiritual path.

Master’s words or Sutras tell us about the highest Truth in a nutshell. Vasudhaaji explained the quotes of Nisargadatta Maharaj on three consecutive days. The discussion gave the students clarity and a sense of fulfilled feeling.

On the auspicious Vyasa Purnima, the students got an opportunity to pay respects to Guru Vasudhaaji. The centre wore a festive look with the puja being performed to Shirdi Baba, the students chanting the Guru shlokas and the tiny tots of MMT children chanting Guru Vandana shlokas.

Salutations to all the Gurus for their unconditional love and untiring efforts to lead seekers in their spiritual journeys.


On the 10th of July, the inaugural puja was performed invoking the blessings of Lord Dhanvantri. This initiative under Vasudhaaji’s guidance, will have the Maai Swasti’s team of doctors and volunteers providing free medical check up and treatment in and around Belapur village. This service will be available on all Sundays.

Viva Vedanta Foundation’s Maai Swasti Seva presents: The Journey of series of Wellness Talks by experts, aiming to bring Holistic Wellness to all, covering a wide range of topics of an individual’s wellbeing from health to developing social and life skills.

In the  July session of wellness talks, the Ayurvedacharya shared valuable tips for a healthier lifestyle that will help maintain good health and improve our immunity. Also he explained about Panchakarma and other ayurvedic kriyas to detoxify one’s body , thereby gaining a healthy body and mind.
The talk was enthusiastically recieved and around 45 participants came online to listen to the informative session.

VVF regularly organizes distribution of tasty Pulav packets, prepared by volunteers on  Saturdays .

We are grateful to all the volunteers involved in the Saturday pulao seva (cooking volunteers and pickup/ distribution volunteers) for their enthusiastic and wholehearted involvement in this seva. The food so lovingly prepared and distributed is eagerly awaited by children and adults alike and it is indeed a divine blessing  to be associated with this seva.

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