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Bhagwan Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti celebrated at our Centre, with a satsangh where Guruji spoke about the great work done by Bhagwan in His short life span.

He is a divine manifestation, an incarnation who appeared for a purpose. He knew at a young age, to seek Guru and chose to live a life of a Sanyasi. He united different schools of thought prevalent in those days, He conquered them all with debates. Thanks to Him, our culture survived even after many onslaughts by invaders.

On this auspicious occasion, Guruji urged all to seek to know the truth, to be with the Truth and to dedicate ourselves to be in sync with the divine will, which will end all sorrows and suffering.

Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara.

It has been eleven years since the Foundation was established. It has been a beautiful journey for all of us as seekers, and for all those associated with the Foundation since its inception. On the Foundation day this year, the students gathered at the Centre to pay their respect to our Guru and Founder Swamini Shree Vasudhaaji. Each and every student had an anecdote to share about his/her journey with the VVF. Everyone reminisced about the changes and improvement their association with the Foundation has brought about in their lives. It is clear that the activities of the Foundation have had a positive impact on many lives and helped in their wholesome growth and well-being.

Guruji’s words of blessings were, “On this special day, I wish you an abundance of this kind of wealth, of the sacred virtues, of sense and mind control, of heightened levels of endurance and contentment, of right discernment, non attachment and above all, the intense need to discover the truth of your being. May God bless and protect you in your journey towards self discovery.” 

These words touched the hearts of all the students. They in turn reiterated their commitment on the path to self discovery by dedicating themselves to the study of shastras, to following its injunctions and by engaging in selfless activities.

We the sadhakas get an opportunity to purify our minds and gather the four fold wealth by engaging in the volunteering work of the Foundation. 

Let us soak ourselves in the silent soothing energies of the Shakatapuram Ashram  as we listen to the essence of      Bhakti Yoga of the Gita by       Swamini Shree Vasudha from  23rd June to 29th June.

The sacred Tunga river, the temple, the chants and the rituals of the Mutt amidst serene sorroundings will enhance our devotional spirit and understanding of the text.

The ashram address is: Shakatapuram Shreevidya Peetam,                                      Shree Kshetra Shakatapuram, Koppa (T.K)              Chikkamagalur. Karnataka        577126

Everyone to arrive at the ashram by 12 noon on the 23rd. You may book your retrun anytime after 12 noon on the 29th.

The ashram is a 2 hour drive both from Shivmogga and Udupi railway stations and a 3 hour drive from Mangalore airport.

for more details please contact:  9920845323/9321374344

Significance of PUJA

Puja is a symbolic expression of devotion to a deity and an act of surrender at the altar, signifying true worship. During a puja, there is an intimate physical, mental, and spiritual communion between the devotee and the deity.
Every act in a puja is not only physical and mental but also symbolic, cosmic, and spiritual. Actions such as sprinkling, sipping, and bathing symbolize purification of the deity, the devotee, and the surroundings. Various offerings represent the surrender of one’s vāsanās (latent desires) as expressed in thoughts, words, and deeds.
Puja is not merely idol worship. The images used are regarded as living incarnations of the deity, treated as if the deity has descended and established presence within them. Symbolically, it represents the materiality and omnipresence of God, showing His presence even in inanimate objects.
In performing a puja, all five senses, along with the mind and body, are engaged. The offerings are a declaration of one’s allegiance to God, establishing a personal relationship with Him. Regular practice of puja cultivates discipline, concentration, devotion, purity, and equanimity. It is a straightforward and effective way to earn the grace of God and achieve liberation.
Swamini Shree Vasudhaji in her Asheervachan explained the meaning of the first verse of guru Stotram.The Guru tatvam is indivisible, all pervading and unpolluted. It holds and transcends our Universe and much more that cannot be imagined by our intellect. Space is the closest to Guru tatvam. As this cannot be fathomed, we need a form to do the puja. During the puja, we need to remember this and accept all situations in our life as His prasad. May the Lord Lead us to our ultimate goal of this human birth.


A joyful evening was organised by MMT on the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti on 14th April. 

The event started with the introduction by Nisha followed by the different performances.
The children got an opportunity to showcase their speaking, singing, drawing and dancing skills. Rahul Nagar residents and the VVF volunteers enjoyed, cheered and encouraged the children. The drawings of the children were  displayed in the MMT premises.

They were liked and appreciated by all.
Residents of Rahul Nagar were much overwhelmed by the talent displayed by thier children.

Children had a look of joy and ecstasy on thier faces, at the end of the program.😊

Pranams to Guruji for guiding us in planning the whole event and giving us this opportunity.

With the blessings of Guruji,
Viva Vedanta Foundation in collaboration with the NMMC blood bank, conducted a successful blood donation camp on the 18th of May 2024.

As a practise for the last 7 years, the Foundation organises the blood donation drives at times during the year when there is a shortage of blood in the blood banks.
Summer vacations is one such time, when people visit families in their home town leaving the blood banks with an acute shortage of blood. The authorities at these banks are always grateful for this timely help provided by the Foundation.

In response to our appeal, many donors came forward to donate blood. Those who could not make it on that day, have assured to donate at the blood bank in the coming week.

We would like to thank all the donors and well-wishers for their support.

Pranaams to Guruji for her constant blessings and guidance.

A strong and healthy physical body makes way for a healthy mind.  A healthy mind is able to apply itself in fruitful ways and helps to create a healthy and peaceful society. Playing Sports/ games lead to a healthy body and provide recreation and entertainment to all. VVF’s initiative is to foster camaraderie and integration within the community and the neighborhood we live in. Sports and physical activities serve this purpose along with strengthening the bonds of mutual respect and accountability. Under Guruji’s instance,  a cricket match was played in  Rahul Nagar. The children and men folk from Rahul Nagar participated with enthusiasm. The two teams led by Shambhu and Krishna Sai were cheered by  the  residents of Rahul Nagar who gathered to watch the match. In the end, the scores and victory and defeat didn’t matter at all as it was enjoyed by one and all.

The health camp  conducted on 7th april’24 by Maai Swasti seva team was a follow up check up for the children of Shiravne under the Bal Swasthya Kalyan initiative.

According to doctors,there is a major change in the children due to vitamin and mineral supplements given in both the camps. The pallor is reduced and white patches on the skin is also reduced. Annadaan on a daily basis under our Bal Swasthya Kalyan initiative has played a important role in this positive change.Children are more confident. They came voluntarily for the check up. They were ready for blood tests also.

Doctors advised blood tests for anemic children and offered counseling to parents for any ongoing concerns. Protein powder was distributed to all children.

VVF strives to continue this ongoing initiative under Bal Swasthya Kalyan with the support of all our well wishers.

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