Chantings & Discourses

Interaction between Vasudhaaji and the students on the profound Sutras of Swami Chinmayananda.

Let us avail this wonderful opportunity and gain a deeper understanding of our scriptures.

Join us from 7pm – 8pm, on 12th, 13th and 14th May, at our VVF’s Parsik Hill Centre.

All are welcome.

On 3rd May all the students and their families got together to celebrate the happy occasion of Foundation day.

Vasudhaaji addressed all with the mantra “The minute you get a good thought, hold onto it and immediately act upon it.” She highlighted that it is the availability of the volunteers for a cooperative endeavour that has enabled initiating and continuing the various activities at the Foundation.

Some students came forward and shared their experiences of their association with Vasudhaaji. These selfless volunteers are recognising the fact it is in giving that we actually receive the abundant blessings of Guru and Grace.

Our scriptures abound in dialogues between the Guru and Sishya. With the Guru constantly pointing to the ultimate Truth, it helps the seeker to drop the conditioning and misconceptions.

Tune in to this Q&A session with Vasudhaaji to find relief in dropping the mistaken ideas and gaining wisdom of ones own True nature. We are forever grateful for these priceless gems.

Converting every act to yoga, into an act of worship and meditation, is the transformation of a person into being a devotee. Without this, the inner equipment cannot be purified enough to come to see Divinity and align itself to the Divine Order of the Universe.


As a mark of Foundation Day celebrations, VVF organized blood donation camp along with talks on platelet donation, at Parsik hill centre on the 8th of May.

The talks by the platelet donors, gave insights regarding the huge scarcity of platelets at cancer hospitals.

The participants were extremely thankful for this information and are now enthusiastic to donate platelets too regularly.

Such initiatives of the Foundation are truly inspiring and benefitting the various needs of the society.

The 1st of May (Labour day) turned very significant in the lives of many families of Rahul Nagar, as the alcohol dependant fathers took their first step towards kicking off this habit. They chose to attend a session on De-addiction, organised by the Foundation in collaboration with Anvay Foundation.

There will be follow up sessions with appropriate interventions in the coming future

When the pandemic hit real hard, every month the Foundation provided grocery kits to 180 identified families across Navi Mumbai. These kits consisted of monthly provisions sustainable for a family of four for the whole month.

The daily wagers, who had lost their jobs during the peak covid period, were very thankful for this kind gesture.

VVF regularly organizes distribution of tasty Pulav packets, prepared by volunteers on Saturdays and Sundays.

Our volunteers thoroughly enjoy the process of preparing and distributing the home cooked food. They are really thankful for this selfless service for it helps them experience a calmness deep within themselves.

Listen to our volunteer talk about her amazing experience.

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