Chantings & Discourses

Shri Manache Shloka” (श्री मनाचे श्लोक) — which means “A Dialogue With Our Mind. ”Devotees recite these verses every morning before starting the day.

Sri Ramadas gives precious instructions to the mind regarding the cultivation of spiritual qualities and devotional fervor.

Guru Vasudhaaji will take up discussion with us, on these verses.
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VVF organised a 11 day Theerth yatra with Guru Vasudhaaji to Babaji’s cave, 4 Mahadev dhams; Someshwar, Jagheshwar, Mukteswar and Bageshwar, the Patal Bhubaneswar cave, Neem Karoli Baba’s ashram and more.
The yatris experienced memorable moments at all these spiritual centres.

A short clip in which we hear Vasudhaaji reiterating the path of shreyas during the online session on chapter 17 of the Bhagavad-Gita. Clear thoughts must  translate into clear and pure speech, which again must express as good actions. Cultivate self-awareness, forge lifelong connections and rejuvenate your being.

Guru Puja is an invocation that invites the enlightened masters to enter our space. As one gives oneself to the process of chanting mantras, the energy aligns with the Divine and individual vibrations raises in wonderful ways.

On every Purnima day, VVF celebrates Guru puja at Parsik hill centre.
We take this opportunity to express gratitude and soak in the Divine energies of Guru Puja.


VVF organised a talk on
The use of Menstrual cup on 19th November 2022 at Parsik hill centre.

The guest speakers for the session were Dr Alpana Wattal, a well known gynaecologist with over 30 yrs of experience and
Mrs Mageshwari, a practitioner on sustainable living and trainer for promotion of the use of menstrual cup.
This session was attended by around 25 participants.

On the auspicious occasion of Vijayadashami, the reconstructed Maai kitchen became operational. For three days in a week, more than 200 people will be served a sumptuous meal during the evening hours. We thank Guru Vasudhaaji and the entire Maai Annadaan Seva team for this endeavor.

With the grace of Almighty and Guruji’s blessings, on 16th October 2022,VVF arranged a blood donation camp in collaboration with NMMC blood bank.

We received a very good response with more than 40 people turning up for donation. Out of which, 33 could successfully donate.
There were many lady donors and first time donors also.

VVF regularly organizes distribution of tasty Pulav packets, prepared by volunteers on  Saturdays .We are grateful to all the volunteers involved in the Saturday pulao seva (cooking volunteers and pickup/ distribution volunteers) for their enthusiastic and wholehearted involvement in this seva. The food so lovingly prepared and distributed is eagerly awaited by children and adults. 

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