Chantings & Discourses

Vasudhaaji highlighted the uniqueness of Kathopanishad wherein the qualified seeker Nachiketa was given Self-knowledge by Lord Yamaraj. She gave a detailed exposition on the path of Shreyas, to be followed by the earnest seeker at every given point, not only till Self Realization but also further till the complete Liberation is attained.

Foundation Day Celebrations

On the 3rd of May, the eve of the Foundation Day, all the students and their families got together and celebrated the happy occasion with Vasudhaaji.
While some students shared their valuable experiences, Vasudhaaji addressed and inspired all with the mantra, ‘The minute you get a good thought, hold onto it and immediately act upon it.

Evening satsanghs with Vasudhaaji where sayings of Masters- Swami Chinmayananda and Shri Ramana Maharishi were discussed. These powerful messages serve as a lighthouse, ensuring a safe journey for every seeker.

At the Foundation’s Parsik Hill center, abhishekam was performed of our beloved Shirdi Sai Baba, amidst the chanting of the Rudram. Children from the MMT sang bhajans and the puja concluded with aarti and  prasadam.


On the 8th of May, VVF organised a blood donation camp at the Parsik Hill Centre. The event was also marked with a brief talk by two platelet donors, whose valuable insight into the huge scarcity of platelets at cancer hospitals, inspired many participants to commit to platelet donation in the future.

Viva Vedanta Foundation’s Maai Swasti Seva presents: The Journey of series of Wellness Talks by experts, aiming to bring Holistic Wellness to all, covering a wide range of topics of an individual’s wellbeing from health to developing social and life skills.

Join us to listen to an expert Ayurvedacharya share valuable tips for a healthier life style that will help maintain good health and improve our immunity.
Do register with the contact numbers given in the flyer.

VVF regularly organizes distribution of tasty Pulav packets, prepared by volunteers on  Fridays and Saturdays .

Our volunteers thoroughly enjoy the process of preparing and distributing the home cooked food. We welcome all to avail this oppurtunity for Annadan  seva.

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